A Nation of Lifesavers in India

We need your support to build a nation of CPR-ready lifesavers through India.

closeup photo of young Indian girls looking at camera
Recent high-profile media reports have emphasized the critical need for community CPR education in India. An alarming trend of sudden heart attacks is claiming the lives of Indian men under 50 years old across the country. Early recognition and interventions can prevent death and disability, but most people do not know how to recognize or act in a cardiac arrest emergency.

The Difference Between Life & Death

Sudden cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function. It requires immediate quality CPR to maintain blood flow to organs until advanced care is available and a shock from an automated external defibrillator can reset the heart’s electrical rhythm.

Survival from cardiac arrest largely depends on how quickly CPR is started and the quality of CPR given. People who receive effective bystander CPR are 2-3 times more likely to survive. Hands-Only CPR in times of a cardiac emergency is critical to begin the chain of survival.

Local Partners Make the Difference

Together with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), we want to build a nation of lifesavers. AIIMS is a group of independent public medical universities under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. AIIMS was declared an Institute of National Importance by an act of Parliament.

The AHA and AIIMS are creating a Hands-Only CPR training program that will train students, community healthcare workers and the public. Over five years the program will expand to twelve institutes. The “train the trainer” model ensures maximum scalability and is easy to replicate throughout India.

We Need Your Support

The future of this important program depends on the generosity of funders. To learn more or donate please email: [email protected]

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