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Horses Have Heart

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For the Love of Horses

Animals can help you get more exercise, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, cut stress and boost happiness. That’s why as part of our Healthy Bond for Life™ initiative, we launched Horses Have Heart – a nationwide community celebrating the love of horses for good health and well-being.

People in rural areas live three fewer years than people in urban areas, with rural areas having higher death rates for heart disease and stroke. But together we can change that.

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Learn About the Bond Between People and Animals

Horses Have Heart Resource Center

Our Horses Have Heart Resource Center will help you identify lifestyle habits that may be putting you at risk of heart disease and stroke, like smoking, unhealthy diet, poor sleep habits, and excessive alcohol use. And we’ll show you how to make small, consistent changes to improve your mental and physical health.

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Do You Have A Pet Guardian In Place?

Now you can use FreeWill, a free, online tool to help write your will or trust and name a person or organization as the guardian for your pet!

This ensures that no matter what, your best friend is always taken care of. It only takes 20 minutes to complete!